Summary Of The Jungle Book

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Banaag, Paul Christian O. Gr/Sec:11-TAYLOR THE JUNGLE BOOK (1894) By: Rudyard Kipling INTRODUCTION. The Jungle Book its written by Joseph Rudyard Kipling or simply known as Rudyard Kipling, he was a British author and poet best known for the jungle book published in 1894 and it’s regarded as major innovation in the art of short story. This is live and action story about of the jungle in India. In the jungle book there is man named Mowgli who was adopted and raised by wolves family, he is energetic, kind, and intelligent man-cub. The characters are Mowgli as man-cub, Shere Khan, he want get Mowgli ,and he is cruel tiger, Bagheera the black panther and Baloo the bear, the instructor and teacher of Mowgli and the Akela the leader of Indian wolf. SUMMARY. In the jungle in India there is a young man named Mowgli was adopted and raised by wolves family, he is strong and smart young so he’s known as Man-Cub, when Mowgli realized he must to be part of the ranks of men. When Mowgli strays in the jungle, he was attacked by Shere Khan the cruel tiger and Akela the leader of the wolves helped Mowgli from him, and he accepted as a part of pack of wolfs. When Mowgli raised he met Bagheera the black panther and Baloo a bear and they become friends they are the one who suggested to accept Mowgli to become Man-cub. Baloo becomes

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