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  • Colonization In Nigeria

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    GEOG130-0108 Legacies of Colonization in Nigeria 03/02/2018 Introduction The name Nigeria was coined from the river Niger. Miss Flora Shaw who later became Lady Lugard named it Niger-Area on January 8th, 1897. Nigeria became a British protectorate as a Northern and Southern protectorate. Those two protectorates were amalgamated by 1914 by Lord Lugard. After 60 years of colonial rule, Nigeria finally gained her independence on October 1st, 1960. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa.

  • Trouble With Nigeria

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    Chinua Achebe, in his widely cited book, "The Trouble with Nigeria" accurately pointed out that "the trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership." He pointed out that "there is nothing basically wrong with the Nigerian character, there is nothing wrong with the Nigerian land or climate or water or air or anything else," but leadership (Achebe, 1983, p.1). Leading a multiple ethnic and religious society such as Nigeria, while staying dedicated to democratic principles is a tough

  • Colonialism In Nigeria

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    In pre-colonial enclave known today as Nigeria, the people lived in separate domains and had their traditional rulers. The Hausa/Fulanis, the Kanuris, the Yorubas, the Ibos (some part), the Edos and Ibibios had centralized forms of contemporary nation-state. There was always a supreme or grand ruler with absolute power and authority. During this pre-colonial period, the “Nigerian” states had rulers such as the Emirs, Sultans, Obas, Obis, Ezes et cetera and their posts were monarchial. Just like

  • The Hijab In Nigeria

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    relationship in Osun State additionally the aftermath of the religionisation of governmental issues in Nigeria. In a nation with two overwhelming religions, once an open authority starts to shelter one side, the other religion gets exasperated. All together not to be deserted in the social capital accruable through religiosity, it starts to challenge spaces. This fundamental fight goes ahead in Nigeria constantly, and Osun individuals have just outed themselves. More awful is the cooptation of kids into

  • Corruption In Nigeria Essay

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    Corruption seems to have become a household name in Nigeria; that even a pupil in the primary school knows what it is to be ‘corrupt’. It has so eaten into various sectors of the economy that it is found even in the least insignificant part of the country. Corruption is when a person accumulates much wealth meant for the public in his own personal interest Lipset and Lenz (2000:113). Corruption did not just start in the 21st century; it has been right from Nigeria’s history (Wilson, 1999; Usman 2001;

  • Juju Music In Nigeria

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    1.2.5 HISTORY OF JUJU MUSIC IN NIGERIA Juju as a word carries different socio-cultural meanings. In the European societies it conjures ghoulish, fetish and ritualistic practices of African peoples. Similarly, juju is the borrowed psychedelic name for amulets that possess supernatural potency in the African context. Whatever the connotation of the word in different societies, juju connotes and conveys music among the Yoruba speaking people of Nigeria today. Juju music is a popular traditional music

  • Role Of Inequality In Nigeria

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    Democracy and Inequality in Nigeria Nathaniel Umukoro Department of Political Science Delta State University, Abraka ABSTRACT Increasing inequality in Nigeria has been of growing interest to scholars, international political observers, and the Nigerian public since the creation of the country in 1914 by the British colonial masters. The focus of this article is on the extent to which the practice of democracy in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic has contributed to the reduction of inequality. The article

  • Essay On Nigeria Culture

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    COURSE: NIGERIA PEOPLE AND ITS CULUTRE TOPIC: THE NIGERIAN STORY: THE PAST’S MISTAKES AND THE FUTURE. INTRODUCTION Identification. Though there is archaeological evidence that societies have been living in Nigeria for more than twenty-five hundred years, the borders of modern Nigeria were not created until the British consolidated their colonial power over the area in 1914. The name Nigeria was suggested by British journalist Flora Shaw in the 1890s. She referred to the area as Nigeria, after the

  • Origin Of Nigeria Essay

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    name Nigeria was coined in Lokoja by Flora Shaw, the future wife of Baron Lugard, a British colonial administrator, while gazing out at the river Niger. So, British colonialism created Nigeria as a country, joining diverse peoples and regions in an artificial political entity along the Niger River. The territory known today as Nigeria is a very large country of multi-ethnic groups of about four hundred. The land mass is large enough to accommodate France, Belgium and Italy. The name Nigeria is derived

  • Economic Crisis In Nigeria

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    Introduction to Economic Crisis in Nigeria Recently Nigeria has been declared the African Country with the largest Economy and sadly knocked South Africa into second place. Nigeria may view this as a major feat but that is where the good news ends. In all other situations South Africa surpasses Nigeria: employment, per capita income and practically everything else. Although evidently, there is no improvement in the Nigerian economy, it is fair to say that an economy does not improve overnight but

  • Causes Of Corruption In Nigeria

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    Nigeria, also called the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a country in West-Africa consisting of 36 states, including the capital Abuja. The country is bordering Niger in the north, Benin in the west and Cameroon and Chad in the east. Nigeria has an estimated population of 180 million inhabitants, making it the most populous country in Africa. The West-African country is also the wealthiest country in Africa, due to large revenues from the oil industry. Unfortunately, the industry does not only have

  • Ethnic Politics In Nigeria

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    THE IMPACT OF ETHNIC POLITICS ON SOCIAL AND NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA, PLATEAU STATE AS A CASE STUDY. 1. INTRODUCTION: Background of the study. The social and political characteristics facing the multi-ethnic society today is ethnic politics. Over the years, they have been some debates that arise in heterogeneous society regarding the social and national development of ethnic politics. The main aim of this research is to focus on the impact of ethnic politics on the social and national development

  • Land Corruption In Nigeria

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    Land tenure in Nigeria can be referred to as the manner in which land is acquired, owned, used and transferred (Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team, 1991). Land tenure system thus set the framework for implementation of land policy and land related objectives. Thus a prominent and basic issue in the analysis and discussion of any land tenure system is the relationship of man to man in the occupancy and use of land, and the fact that it forms a fundamental framework condition for a nation’s development

  • Impeachment Process In Nigeria

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    It cannot be extended as in military dictatorships, to ‘any part thereof (of Nigeria) with respect to any matter whatsoever. According to Professor Nwabueze, ‘The phrase ‘peace, order and good government’ does not delimit the purpose for which the power is granted, in the sense that a law must be for peace, order and good government

  • Road Network In Nigeria

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    Overview of Road Network in Nigeria The Nigeria road networks are classified into four broad categories namely: 1. The Trunk “A” roads 2. The Trunk ”B” roads 3. The Trunk “C” roads 4. The Trunk “F” roads • The Trunk “A” roads: These roads are maintained, financed, constructed and designed by the ministry of work on behalf of federal government of Nigeria. These categories of road are under the ownership of federal government, the maintenance of this class is carried out by federal road maintenance

  • Linkage Theory In Nigeria

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    virtually every administration both civilian and military in the post-independence era (Falola: 1998). Similarly, the international system has consistently reacted to corruption in Nigeria through such measures as restrictions in foreign direct investment/divestment from the country and isolation/relegation of Nigeria to pariah status, among others. The linkage matrix provides a template for analyzing the resultant interaction between corruption and foreign policy based on multiple categories of

  • Importance Of Democracy In Nigeria

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    As soon as the military gave up power in 1999 and in our haste to return to democracy, we returned to the same mistakes that have bedeviled us since independence –“western democracy”. 1999 was an ample opportunity for Nigeria to build on our traditional democracy, but we failed to look into it, we failed to appreciate a system that was innate in us and still working in traditional settings with relative ease. Western democracy besieges on an elected public office holder the full use of power and

  • Population In Nigeria Essay

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    Nigeria is a country located on the West Coast of Africa. It consists of 774 local government areas (LGAs), 36 states and one federal capital territory (FCT Abuja). It is located on the Gulf of Guinea and its neighbors are Benin, Cameroon, Chad and Niger. It has a total area of about 923,768 sq. km (which consists of Land: 910,768 sq. km and water: 13,000 sq. km). Nigeria is very rich in Oil reserves and agricultural endowment. There is a significant increase in economic growth which has had no direct

  • Causes Of Corruption In Nigeria

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    Case study 2 (Nigeria) Nigeria is considered to be a developing country is west of Africa, which experienced period and levels of corruption, political instability, mismanagement all of that by their government. Those things had hindered Nigeria from development. The major problem was corruption, which was Nigeria biggest challenge ever as it was clearly shown to every citizen and other countries. Corruption in Nigeria was found in every sector you can think of . Moving On we will clarify the

  • Nigerian Culture In Nigeria

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    NIGERIA, THE UNKNOWN Nigeria, a country located on the western coast of Africa is often overlooked and its culture goes unrecognized. Contrary to misinformed beliefs, Nigeria is a well-developed country with a general population of 170 million and many different qualities and interesting facts. Petroleum for example, which was first discovered in 1956, is the most important source of Nigerian government revenue and foreign trade (The World Factbook: NIGERIA. (2018, February 22). Nigeria has its