Just War Theory: Just America Or Just In War?

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Just America or Just in War? Throughout the decades, history has recorded all the wars in which the United States has participated in. Some may consider that the United States’ participation in foreign affairs may have been cruel, or unnecessary; while in other cases, others find it essential for the United States to fight for the common good. Therefore, philosophers—in the pursuit of justice—have designed methods that dictate how a nation can justly engage into a war, one of this methods being the Just War theory. The Just War theory, invented by Saint Augustine around the 4th century, allows to determine when to initiate a war and the level of violence that is justified (Maiese, 2003). The United States participation in the Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf war is justified after analyzing it using the Jus Ad Bellum principles—found in the Just War theory. Aurelius Augustine—also known as Saint Augustine—created the moral theory that centuries later would allow nations to analyze if their participation in warfare was just. Saint Augustine lived during the fourth century, when the Roman Empire was at its downfall (Gill, n.d.). Therefore, because Rome was falling to other powers, and having his father being a minor official of the Roman Empire (Agustine, n.d.), he became very concerned with wartime moral values, leading him to write the Just War theory. The theory consisted of a set of principles that analyzed when it would be morally just to engage into warfare. His guidelines
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