Justice In Oedipus The King

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The novel “oedipus rex” tells the story of a man named oedipus that spends most of the play on a quest, trying to find the killer of the previous King and bring him to justice, not knowing he is in fact the killer. When oedipus starts said quest he has the idea that finding the killer and forcing him to exile will be the just thing to do. However when he realizes that he is actually the killer his version of what will do the dead King justice changed dramatically, to the point that he took his sight away to not watch the horrors he had done. Suddenly for oedipus, banishment simply was not just enough to make justice not only for killing laius (a.k.a the King, a.k.a his father). He went from having to bring a stranger to justice to having to bring himself to …show more content…

I think it will have been easier for oedipus to bring someone else to justice than to bring himself to justice. What he thought just also change because of that, the guilt made him think that simple banishment was not enough and that he deserved a way worse punishment for doing such horrible things.
When you think of the situation oedipus was in he did got the justice he was looking for, or to be more accurate we could say that he have himself justice since he was the one who begged croan to excile him and the one who took his own sight out, the fact that he did that, that he have himself to justice was a very noble thing to do and shows that oedipus did what was right in spite of having to suffer the consequences of what he unconciously did.
Throught the play we can see that oedipus attitude towards justice is that you need to get it by yourself, he thinks that he should get and exile the killer himself. The irony of that statement is that at the end he did turned the killer(himself) to justice, just not the way he thought he

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