Juvenile Justice And Delinquency Prevention (OJDP)

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The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) protect children and help to prevent and control the juvenile delinquency. Not only does it improve the juvenile justice system but also they want to make sure that kids are healthy and free from violence. OJJDP promote things they can do for the youth justice system and the safety they can provide for them. They make it their mission to promote what they do to let the youth out there know that there are people that care for them and are willing to help. OJJDP was established through the Juvenile and Delinquency Prevention (JDP) by congress, amended in the public law 93-415, act of 1974. The National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention is a network of different …show more content…

OJJDP provide each city with grants to help them build and expand more existing programs in the cities. They awarded almost 1.5 million to four cities, Baton Rouge, Detroit, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The Youth Violence Prevention program is definitely something that is needed throughout the United States. Family drug courts help to decrease the incidents of child abuse and child neglect. The drug courts interfere with families that have risk factors and introduce themselves to parents that have drug addiction and put their children at risk. In 2012 the OJJDP also provided money ($2.2 million) to other cities like Colorado, Arizona and Michigan to provide the community with the best drug courts or to make the ones that already exist even better. OJJDP got together with the substance abuse and mental health services administration to host an event for the family drug court professionals. Based on a reclaiming future model OJJDP …show more content…

This model is a model for improving juvenile justice through community integration. This model also brings the juvenile court, substance abuse treatment and the community to improve the alcohol and drug treatments for the teens, which also brings has them do positive activities with adults that show how much they care for them. When it comes to the school system, the first thing teachers do when a child acts up is send them to the principles office instead of actually disciplining them and stenting to there needs by actually asking them what’s going on to show them they care. The policy and discipline rules that these schools have pushed kids out of school and into the juvenile justice system. “Recent research by the Council of State Governments Justice Center that tracked nearly 1 million 7th graders in public school for 6 years showed that 60 percent of these students were removed from class at least once, and 15 percent had 11 or more suspensions or expulsions between the 7th grade and 12th grades.” Most students that are expelled or suspended from school are the ones that will most likely end up being

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