Killing An Elephant Essay

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As the hero embarks on his or her journey, the trials and tests they try to overcome do not always go as planned. The journey physically and mentally prepares the hero or heroine for the end of their quest and the holy grail, but somehow along the way the temptation and challenges get in the way of one's consciousness and causing the hero to fall into the expectations of society which causes them to fall into the wasteland. In George Orwell’s “Killing an Elephant” a Burman Policeman discovers his call to adventure to take care of a rogue elephant in the streets of Burman. As a military occupier the majority of the village does not necessarily approve of him. Colonialism, in Orwell’s short writing, acts as a metaphor explaining for his experience with the institution of …show more content…

Orwell plays his own supernatural aid. Going through the trials and the villagers on his own sacrifice and his own consciousness. Crossing through the first threshold, reluctantly, investigating the wild elephant and his tracks. Orwell manages to get past the villagers to investigate the crime scene. At the same moment he also has their attention. The Belly of the whale phase for Orwell involves him making the decision to shoot the rogue elephant or not. He wants to impress the vulgar villagers and change their views on him, but at this point he has no hope for himself. He knows that no matter the decision he decides to make, the satisfaction will never come to him how he wants. As Orwell goes through a series of trials with the villagers, trying to persuade him to bring the elephant to his unfortunate death. After killing an innocent villager, Orwell requests for a subordinate to bring him a gun to terminate the elephant, and as all the villagers travel behind him like little kids, Orwell feels the pressure as the hero to save the day. Meeting with the goddess is a very tricky situation the Orwell has assembled

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