An Analysis Of Mary Shelley's 'The Awakening'

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Passage 1:
"She was accorded precedence over all other ladies, and she sat with the king at banquets and hunts while Catharine was virtually ignored" (Hanson). What are your thoughts on this information? Reflect, react, respond!

These quotes in the website give a thorough understanding about king Henry's betraying attitude to his own wives. King Henry replaces his wives every time the wife is not able to produce a son. Leaving his previous wife and family alone without much or any support. Not only does he have a betraying attitude he also is very arrogant about himself because even though he is above all in position he does not have any character to support all of the wives and their families and thinks once the wife is not able to any thing for him the wife is no value anymore. Which is because of King Henry, Mary Tudor faces neglection. Hence even though King Henry does show Mary neglection Mary endures the cruelty of her father and keeps her patience silently.

Passage 2:
"It was only when Anne miscarried two sons that he began to question the validity of his second marriage" (Hanson).
Passage 3:
"Both Henry and Anne visited their daughter often...During these visits, Mary was kept alone …show more content…

Mary Tudor 's point of view of things was completely different comparing to the research I had done because the research completely showed me what really happened in all aspects. With my research showing me different aspects, I was able to picture the events and settings better because they had more detail rather than in the novel it gave more of a general statement. For an example in my research it said "It is estimated that some 2000 people attended" (Eakins) and in my novel it states "The small crowd allowed to gather on Tower Green..." (Meyer 210), hence the novel having the more general

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