King Lear Character Analysis

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The play begins with King Lear’s wish to divide his kingdom among his daughters as now he is too old to rule and in order to prevent future conflicts. Nevertheless, the division of King Lear’s Kingdom causes the very tragedy it intended to prevent. Coleridge’s approach to regard this plan as stupid even preposterous has drawn a lot of criticism. However, according to Harry Jaffa this is the methodology of a skilled leader. By setting the favored Cordelia between Goneril and Regan in the focal point of the kingdom and handing down to her the lion 's offer of the land and power, Lear diminishes the probability that his older daughters will be able either to assault each other or to participate allied against Cordelia and her spouse ( Jeffrey, 1990). According to Jeffrey (1990), this division is not only about land but rather about Lear’s self from his heart Cordelia as Lear considers her to be “his joy”. After she gets married Lear will “crawl toward death”, thus in order to prevent her from going to France he gives her a part of his Kingdom so that she can stay there with her husband. He would “set (his) rest / On Cordelia’s kind nursery” (II 123-24). However, before he divides the kingdom Lear holds a love test where he makes his daughters express his love for him, he thinks that words are more important to express the love than actions as who loves best will say best. According to Holahan (1997) Lear is not wrong to want to hear Cordelia’s love but is wrong because he
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