King Lear's Conflict And Future Conflict In King Lear

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King Lear has material that shows the production of many crises. One is the partitioning of the kingdom. This shows the actual play. It shows the results of the Lears folish attempt for future conflict by dividing the kingdom. There then is the "Love Contest." This showed the people, Civil War. You can divide things up and this shows attention and conflict that will effect at a later date. Feeling the conflict happened either in the past or coming up to a conflict, shows how Lear does create future conflict for him and his country. The Love Contest is about the daughters. They participate with the lavish praise that is being given to Liar. It is the father daughter relationship. Love is a conflict by having love for a father, but they have…show more content…
After Edgar is forced, he puts on a different descise. "Nothing" is mentioned as well by being repeated about what can be said by the daughters. The words are echoed and are incorporated by the fool. Mentioning there are nothing left, but the two parts that are given to someone else and him having nothing else. Lear said awful things to his daughter about an evil child. At this point he leaves and then the next scene shows the daughters meeting and holding hands. They are allying one and another versus the king. They have the king where they want them. Lear is the one who cannot control people and other people are being very ratical with him. They are enjoying insulting him. There is a strong tension going about how things are getting paid back, and are also stripping away. There is a lot of power that connects to his self image, a king. Before he goes out on a new sense of reality, the scene opens with Kent and Oswald by screaming and running. The scene where Lear had gone through the dark night of the soul, shows the great rage killing him. He comes back and takes him a while to come back. He talks to Cordelia, who he thinks is an angel. He begs and forgets while talking to
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