Klu Klux Klan DBQ

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To begin, the Klu Klux Klan is an organization whose purpose is to terrorize people of color. Dressed in all white, their identities are hidden as they attack in the dead of night. The KKK is founded by a group of confederate veterans in 1865, and their goal was to end Reconstruction. The Klan only recruited members who were male, white, and not Jew. Former Confederate Nathaniel Bedford Forrest tried to stop the organization for, “...the Klan’s violent tactics grew too extreme” (Source 1). For instance, they murder, destroy property, threaten, and raid against African Americans to prove that their group is serious about their “job”. Their tactics are so extreme, that the night men tarred and feathered Mr. Tatum, because they thought he accused them of lying about a price in a store. To conclude, the KKK is a terrifying league of white men whose beliefs are that America should be an all white country. …show more content…

The KKK went after blacks in general and anybody who doesn’t support their views, even whites. Stories of African Americans being savagely beaten reported in the newspaper and hostile notices posted for the public to send the message throughout the city to demonstrate what will happen if they don’t follow through the KKK’s plan for having a “pure” country. For example, in the newspaper report from the Shelby County Guide, they reported the KKK coming into their town to regulate matters. They, “... hung three or four negroes nearly dead, and whipped others severely,” (Source 7), just like how Mr. Morrison was critically whipped at the railroad for defending himself in a fight the other person started. Thus, the objective of the KKK is horrific, violent, and just outright

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