To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 15 Essay

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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter-by-Chapter Questions Chapter 15 What is the ‘nightmare’ that now descends upon the children? The nightmare that desends upon the chidren is the recent events. Scout explains that after Dill had come to stay there had been only one week of peace before the groups of people started being unrespectful and rude to Atticus. In the previous chapters and this chapter they had also witnessed the racism that has been left unseen. In this chapter Atticus is confronted two times by groups people, one being when he was at home and the other being when he was with Tom at night. What was (and is) the Ku Klux Klan? What do you think of Atticus’s comment about it? The Ku Klux Klan is a gang of mostly white people that believe that their race and …show more content…

Summary Dill is allowed to stay in Maycomb for the summer. After a peaceful week, the nightmares start, Mr. Heck Tate knocks on the Finch house 's door. The men want Atticus to come outside. Atticus talks to them about Tom and they soon go away. Jem asks Atticus if they were here to attck Atticus, he tells Jem that there are no gangs in Maycomb. Tom Robinson is kept at the Maycomb jail. Atticus goes to the jail using his car, he takes with him a light bulb and an extension cord. Scout, Jem and Dill follow him. They see Atticus in front of the jail, reading, then soon four cars come with men including Mr Cunningham. Scout runs out to Atticus, Atticus tells Jem to take Scout and Dill home, but Jem doesn 't budge. One of the men grab Jem aggresively and Scout kicks him, making him let go of Jem. Scout sees Mr Cunningham and she starts talking to him about his son and Entailments. Mr. Cunningham tells Scout that he 's going to say hi to Walter for her. Soon Tom Robinson asks if the men have

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