Language Devices Used In Dulce Et Decorum Est

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Good morning today I will present a speech explaining the damage war causes and how soldiers are negatively affected. The poems illustrate the horrible pain and flashing memories that just keep on a flashback with the soldiers forever, it is like a nightmare that is forever lasting which have been an issue for a long time. The two poems selected are The charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred, Lord Tennyson and Dulce et Decorum EST by Milford Owen. The speech will also show the different language device and the effect it has.

The first poem has recorded both the social and ethical issues of the war. “Plunged in the battery-smoke " giving the readers an image and leaving an impression in the reader’s head which makes the poem easy to understand. …show more content…

In the poem varies of language devices have been used. For example, throughout the poem repetition was used to reinforce the idea of war in the reader 's mind. “Into the jaws of Death” which means the soldiers were basically put into the war get killed. The word “Death” is a strong negative word which support the purpose. Another language device provokes emotion is alliteration. “Sabre stroke, shattered and sundered” which make the poem have a better effect. Rhyme is also an important factor, because it creates the flow of the poem while still add to the meaning. Some examples are shell, well and hell, this is used to help get the idea to the reader. Many language devices also have been used in the second poem. For example, numerous rhyme included at the end of lines to have an effect of building the atmosphere such as” sacks, backs, sludge and trudge”. Rhyme creates flow, making it easy to follow the images and the story of the speaker, helps get the point stuck in the readers’ head. The smile is another major factor of technique like “Bent double, like old beggars”, this is putting an image into the reader 's mind to help readers understand the poem. The author also has strong lines with different language devices to create an effect on tone. “Gas! GAS! Quick, boys!”, this is short, sharp and used to intent to grab

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