Lather And Nothing Else Summary

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The barber and Captain Torres have an intense relationship as Torres knows that the barber could kill him at an instant, and the barber knows that he has an opportunity to either be an avenger for his people or a coward murderer. Hernando Tellez keeps the reader interested from the start of the story until the end of the story by developing the characters well and by keeping the plot exciting. Lather and Nothing Else adds a taste of excitement that makes the reader imagine what could happen and how it could turn out to be. Tellez also makes some references to other media and literature like the barber could be related to a novice killer that is nervous and afraid. In addition, he uses a significant amount of literary devices including dramatic irony, interior monologue, …show more content…

He tries to express his feelings through the text as well. For example, he uses ‘a regular murderer” but he could have simply just used the word murderer or killer. This shows us that he the barber was not an experienced killer and that it would not be in his daily routine, unlike James Bond’s who probably goes on a new mission every day. Other examples of this word choices are ‘a sea of blood’ and ‘a special customer’. Diction is one of the devices that he uses in the story to make it more interesting and understandable for the readers. He uses rich words that sound more creative. He could have used a battlefield but that would not necessary get across his meaning that he would have by using ‘a sea of blood’. Unless we eat lunch with Hernando Tellez, we will have to believe that he meant to say that everyone would be killed one after an another and the ground would be flooded with blood. He used his choice of words effectively because they added meaning and caused the readers to imagine what is going

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