14th Dalai Lama Analysis

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Despite being a leader in exile, the 14th Dalai Lama is still able to touch the hearts of people around the world by cutting across religious and political barriers to reach them as purely just human being. He has been able to consistently oppose the use of violence with the china and Tibet situation and instead work from a peaceful perspective to resolve the issue. It is within the 14th Dalai Lamas role of spiritual and political leader of Tibet that he has worked towards co-existence with China in Tibet (Gibb C. , The Dalai Lama: Peacemaker of Tibet) (Lama, n.d.).
Dalai means ocean whereas Lama means a spiritual teacher and someone who has mastered a spiritual practice and can convey it to others, in this instant the spiritual practice is
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This school is one of the six main schools of Tibetan Buddhism. He is also the head monk of Tibet (BBC, 2006). Six million Tibetan Buddhists look to the Dalai lama for spiritual guidance (Valley, 2008). He is referred to as ‘His holiness’ by westerners as a loose translation (O'Brien, 2017). The Dalai lama himself however does not refer to himself as holy or any better then anyone else, saying he is just a ‘simple monk’ showing how he is humble. As a humble leader, the Dalai Lama the Dalai Lama is a large promotor for peace and compassion. He believes in non-violence in politics and instead uses peace. This was shown when China invaded…show more content…
Non-violence is a refusal to descend to the lever of your abuser. Martin Luther King Jr. beat the government ad the authorities and a lot of vested interests because he and his people who were walking down the street in their Sunday best looked more civil than the barbaric dudes in blue whacking them with sticks, hoses and their dogs.” (Ettkin, 2009). This refers to The Dalai Lama and the Chinese government. It is The Dalai Lamas refusal to descend to the level of the Chinese government which makes him a ‘great’ person and one of importance. This is a unique act shown by little leaders making it ‘great’ when a leader does so.
The Dalai lama has not let Tibet be forgotten by the world and continues to fight for peace within Tibet for his people (hays, 2015). His peaceful campaigning for his country and their freedom has touched the whole world. He is well known worldwide as he brought Buddhism to the west which is the fastest growing east religion in the west (Valley, 2008). His charisma and tolerance are what have made him one of the most well-known and respected religious leaders alive today (Valley, 2008) (Gibb C. , The Dalai
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