Learning In War Time Cs Lewis Analysis

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C.S. Lewis narrates a sermon called, Learning in War-time, where he articulates why people should learn during times of war. Lewis’ reasons as to why we should be educating ourselves, despite negative circumstances includes: humankind always being in a state of crisis, if mankind postpones searching for knowledge until life is secure for everyone, the search will never begin, we need to learn in order to have knowledge and skill when combatting bad philosophy, and surrendering yourself to only one cause, like the war, removes you from God. First of all, Lewis elucidates that some Christians scorn others for not devoting all their time to religious activities, and that to answer bad philosophy there must be knowledge of what constitutes as good philosophy. Notably, Lewis makes two separate points, but they connect to one another; for it’s bad philosophy if Christians believe that the only way to glorify God is by participating in religious activities. An educated individual would discern that even a person fully dedicated to …show more content…

And at what point does it become an idol in someone’s life? Is ignorance ever a better option? It also reminded me of a question I asked myself earlier in life, how can you learn amidst a crisis?
To conclude, in high school three major tragedies occurred in my life: my cousin passed away without warning, my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer, and my three year relationship ended. As a result, I struggled to focus on my studies and my depressive state led me to question the point of learning. This viewpoint was later eradicated when I realized I should be learning despite my struggles. Consequently, Lewis’ sermon explains what I had discerned, that it isn’t healthy to quit studying during hardships because God makes us knowledgeable, and to utilize our minds is to glorify

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