Legalization Of Prostitution In Canada Essay

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Prostitution will never be eradicated from society and by making no distinction between free and forced prostitution just forces it to move further underground and into the controlling hands of criminals. Prostitution is like any other industry, if you make it illegal then the criminals have control over everything. If free prostitution was recognized, essentially by legalization, then the health and safety of prostitutes choosing this profession would be improved. At the same time, not recognising the difference is detrimental to their safety. Recently, prostitution laws in Canada were challenged because the supreme court of Canada felt that the safety of prostitutes was at risk due to the fact that prostitutes have historically been exposed to extreme levels of violence …show more content…

Legal workers in the prostitution trade report less violence and feel more secure working in brothels that are legalized. Additionally, distinguishing between free and forced prostitution also protects the health of prostitutes and their clients. In the state of Nevada, prostitution is legal but it is regulated in order to control the prostitution industry. There are many rules and regulations that all licensed prostitutes have to follow. They are required to wear condoms, required to register with the state, and they also need to be tested twice a week for venereal disease at a clinic. Prostitutes who are registered also have to take blood tests every month to screen for diseases like HIV/AIDS. In Nevada, not one of the licensed prostitutes has tested positive for AIDS. The health benefits of legalizing and regulating prostitution are obvious and instead of trying to abolish prostitution, the health and safety of those who enter it willingly, should be of the utmost importance when countries choose to treat all prostitution as criminal behaviour. Attempts to eliminate prostitution have not been successful so far so it is time to recognize it and try to regulate it as

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