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WHAT IS PROSTITUTION? Prostitution is the activity of sexual acts for payment. It exists throughout the world more in urban areas. Most prostitutes are women but can also be men and children. Some prostitutes work for themselves and others work for pimps who call them “madams” .Most sex workers rejected the word prostitutes and want people to use the term sex workers .Sex workers can also mean anyone is a sexual nature and limited to prostitutes. Some prostitutes seek customers on the street or they seek in public places. Both prostitutes and their clients face the risk of sexual transmitted disease and even HIV/AIDS. Prostitution all over the world is related to alcohol abuse and drug abuse.
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• Women and children abuse in prostitution experience severe and long lasting physical and mental health problem.
• Prostitution is harmful in and of itself, i.e. the constantly repeated experience of submitting to unwanted sex is very damaging to women mental health, self-esteem and sexuality.
• Having to endure unwanted sex leads to the need to be set apart, often using drugs and for alcohol.
• Many women involved in street prostitution do not care of their children. This has a strong impact on the woman themselves and is a common issue they need support through services. It also has an impact on the children, the extended family, grandparents bringing up grandchildren, and on child protection services.
• Impact on family life, for families where women become involved and also families of men who buy sex, for example health risk, loss of income (stated in …show more content…

Proposals where submitted for public discussion ranging from criminalisation to decriminalisation.
1. In March 2012 ANC women’s league stated they will campaign in favour of decriminalisation to become ANC policy.
2. Decriminalisation would challenge stigma surrounds sex workers.
3. Secure their human rights and dignity and living conditions for the prostitutes.
Decriminalisation prostitute’s limit provides power over sex workers and limits the police taking advantage of the prostitutes (stated in

Where there is prostitution, it is illegal. The prostitutes are forced/pushed into police, court and support institutions. The acts of the larger society necessarily include the prostitute in set of relationships with the criminal’s world. Since the act of prostitution the customers are not arrested and that’s why the law enforcements are against it. The prostitutes are confronted with unequal treatments. From all society pushed into criminal onset on prostitutes. All law enforcement procedures fail because they tent to reduce prostitution but try to remove them from it but they can’t (stated in John

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