Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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We all know or have seen people who are selfish. They only care about their needs and wants. In the novel Of Mice and Men Lennie is described as a “Huge man with a shapeless face, large eyes, with sloping shoulders”(Pg2). Lennie only wants to tend the rabbits. He does not care what anyone else wants, he is just selfish. Lennie shows no respect for any of the other characters. He continues to ignore and disregard what people do for him. When he kills the mice in the field he lies to George disrespecting his morals. “I ain't got nothin’, George. Honest”(Pg5). He lies to George because he cares more about the animals than the respect he has for George. Lennie continues to show his disrespect toward the other characters. He only
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