Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Spoiler Alert: At the end of the book “Of Mice and Men”, George kills Lennie. It was a controversial death, with people from one side saying that George’s decision was justified, while others disagree and say that it was not justified. George’s decision to kill Lennie was justified by the fact that he had always looked out for Lennie, Lennie was going to die anyway, and he couldn’t bear to watch Lennie be tortured by the other workers. First, George had been looking out for Lennie since before the book started. This is told to us in a dialog between George and Slim. George says the he had been looking out for Lennie for a long time. At first he liked to play tricks on Lennie, but after one, Lennie almost drowned, so George vowed to watch …show more content…

Lennie had accidentally killed one of the farm workers wife. The workers banded together to track him down and kill him. When George learned of this, he stole Carlson’s gun and set out with the workers to find Lennie. When George found Lennie, he realized that the workers would not let him go to jail. They would either shoot him on the spot or catch him and string him up on a tree. George weighed all of his options before deciding to kill Lennie in the most humane way possible. He told him about all of the wonderful things that they would do together before he shot him in the back of the head. Lastly, George couldn’t bear to watch the workers torture Lennie. The leader of the workers, Curley, wanted to make Lennie pay for killing his wife. Curley decreed that if Lennie was found to shoot him in the stomach and let his guts spill out. This would make his death long and painful. George couldn’t bear to watch Lennie being tortured by the workers like this so he pulled out Carlson’s Luger and placed a bullet into his head, ending his life in the quickest way possible. All in all, George’s decision to kill Lennie was justified by the fact that George was Lennie’s keeper, there was no possible way to save Lennie, and he didn’t want Lennie’s death to be slow and

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