Do You Think It Was Alright When George Shot Lennie

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Do You think it was alright for George to Lennie? There are many reasons to sway your decision shown in this book. In Of Mice and Men it was ok for George to kill Lennie because he was doing it for Lennie’s good, it showed in the symbolism of Candy’s dog and it was for the betterment of George’s future . If he didn’t Lennie would either been shot or had to rot away in a mental institution. First George shot Lennie for Lennie’s own good. It sounds weird, but if he was put in a mental institution Lennie would probably wish he was dead. At the time of this book mental institutes were horrible places where people would be abused and treated like animals. Also if George didn’t get there before Curley would have shot Lennie in the stomach. If Lennie got shot in the stomach that would cause a lot of pain and Lennie getting shot in the back of the head he didn’t feel anything. It was for the best when George shot Lennie. …show more content…

When George shot Lennie he made a better future for himself not having Lennie screwing up his jobs. With both the times of George messing up it has made it hard on Lennie to for himself and Lennie. Since lennie won’t be with George anymore he can keep a job. After a while George and Candy could maybe even gather enough money to get a little house. Also when George killed Lennie he took away any suspicion that was against him for the death of Curley’s wife. Even though it was hard for George to do what he did, it made his future a lot

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