Leon Leyson Accomplishments

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Imagine having a life like one of the Leyson family members, witnessing first hand the traumatic events of World War II. Imagine having the chance to step into the shoes of a boy by the name of Leon who survived the Holocaust. He was ripped away from his family and whipped with spikes. Imagine being separated from your family for three years and how traumatizing it would be for a young child. Leon had a good life for much of his childhood, he was raised by loving parents and had strong faith in God. His life was seemingly perfect until BOOM they heard screaming that Nazi’s have invaded their town. (Leyson, 26-27) Leon spent three years in camps forced to work for twelve hours a day. Having to spend time in the concentration camp was an immensely difficult time for Leon Leyson. “The moment I entered the gates of Plaszow, I was convinced I would never leave alive, said Leon.” (Leyson 114) …show more content…

He could have been a goner but, this German soldier saved him and four members of his family. This German soldier named Sergeant Schindler had the desire to save most of the Jews instead of the Jews from certain death in the death camps. (oskarschindler.dk) He made a factory and a list of Jews that he would take to work for him, Schindler thought of Jews not only as cheap labor but also as mothers, fathers, and children. (oskarchinlder.dk) Leon’s father and brother David got on the list and at the last second Leon, his sister and his mother got on the list. (history.com) Leon was relieved to get picked since it was a life or death choice. (oskarschindler.dk) Leon was short so to work in the factory he needed to stand on a wooden box. Schindler really liked Leon and his family so he made sure every time Schindler moved his business he took Leon and his family. Leon started getting his hope back that they would be

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