Let America Be America Again By Langston Hughes

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In the poem “Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes, the use of connotations and the use of first-person point of view shows the realities of America suggesting Langston Hughes's message that America does not contain the land of the free and does not have equality throughout all ethnicities.
First, Langston Hughes uses connotation to communicate his message that African Americans had endured inequality in the first part of the quote. This quote appears in the poem, in the third parenthesis within the poem. Before the quote, Langston Hughes explains America does not act as the land of the free as it promised it will. Then Langston Hughes goes on to talk about how equality has not appeared for anyone but privileged caucasians. The short …show more content…

This provides the reader with the ultimate message of the poem that Langston Hughes tries to get to the world. Langston Hughes claims that “There’s never been equality” in America, that it lacks freedom in this so-called homeland of the free (Hughes, Line 16). This goes back to Hughes' message on how African Americans had endured inequality by Hughes telling that they never had equality. The use of connotations in the poem allows readers to hold the feeling of appeal to the poem and to add more personal feelings to words. The topic that African Americans do not have equality affects readers by making them reflect on how lucky they do not have to deal with inequality. Also, it makes the reader feel grateful for their equality and does not have to worry about anything else. This short phrase reminds me of what motivated Martin Luther King Jr. He wanted to obtain equal rights for blacks and whites. The reader can slightly agree with Langston’s message. Hughes claims “There’s never been equality” which acts as true. The African American community lives as the ones who faced inequality and did not have rights. While the male …show more content…

This quote appears in the poem, in the third parenthesis within the poem. Langston Hughes communicates in the poem by addressing how America does not act as it use to. Langston Hughes will say that America has no equality between African Americans and caucasians with the African Americans getting the short side of the straw. Writing the last part of the poem allows, Langston Hughes, to express how he remained affected by the inequality in America. For the short phrase “There’s never been equality” Langston adds the words “for me” at the end of the phrase, allowing readers to understand the main point of why Langston Hughes writes this poem (Hughes, Line 16). This tracks back to Hughes’ original message that he knows what inequality feels like and tries to spread awareness of the true realities of America. The use of the first-person point of view allows Langston to speak out of experience that it remains no equality throughout all ethnicities. The readers remain touched by Langston Hughes when he wrote this poem. The readers did not know how unfair life can seem and changed their perspective on how cruel America acts. This short phrase connects back to the 21st century. Instead of African Americans living in the world of inequality, it’s the women. They do not

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