Letter From Birmingham Jail By Martin Luther King Jr.

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Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Baptist minister and activist who became the most influential leader and spokesperson in the civil rights movement. During one of the peaceful protests over the treatment of blacks in Birmingham, Alabama, King was arrested and sent to jail. While he was in jail he received backlash from eight prominent white clergy who men and responded by writing the famous “Letter from Birmingham Jail”. This letter perfectly expresses King’s feelings toward the unjust events and it is also an example of a well written argument. The intended audience for this letter was not just the eight clergy men but also for any whites who believed the black community should stop protesting and let time take over their fate. King was a very educated man who was raised in a Christian upbringing this is where his roots lie when it comes to civil disobedience and peaceful protests. This letter explains the current events in Birmingham in 1963 as well as the rest of America and it defines the action taken by King through the whole civil rights movements. The theme of this letter, or argument was how to treat the vulnerable who at this time were the black community. This document could be classified as a private letter and also a political letter due to the fact that the letter was originally intended for the clergy men in Birmingham; however, it was also made public and discussed major political issues that affected the society. King believed in the “Golden Rule” and

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