Letter From Birmingham Jail: Poem Analysis

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Freedom is the power that allows people to self-determine his or her ideas, it allows people to have the right to act, speak or think without being restraint. The reality of freedom is how individuals see their freedom; for instance, Dr. King got locked in jail for describing his freedom, but others define his freedom differently. Individuals choices, how they want to establish their freedom. One’s person freedom could be someone’s prison. Although people defined that freedom is having unrestricted rights, but limitation create true freedom since it spreads equality to everyone. In, “Letter from Birmingham Jail” written by Dr. Martin Luther King, it’s about Dr. King being imprisoned for participating in a nonviolent protest against segregation. …show more content…

Ghonim writes about their guideline on how they want to protest against the government, “The protests are peaceful. We are peace advocates not advocates of violence...Please carry the Egyptian flag and refrain from carrying any signs of political party” (Ghonim 345). Ghonim is writing out his guideline on how they should protest. In writing this he has his own freedom on how they want to protest. He defined his freedom as in, have a peaceful and nonviolent protest. His definition of freedom is that people have their right as individuals to express their feelings. It corresponds in the guideline as in they are expressing their right to detest the government. He has guideline since it defined who they are as a group and as individuals. Ghonim also writes, “Try as much as possible not to disturb traffic. We are not out to punish the citizens, but to demand our right. Try not to interrupt traffic flow deliberately” (Ghonim 346). In the text, Ghonim writes about their guideline on how they are protesting. They are protesting against the government, but they don’t disrupt other people 's daily life. Ghonim is also saying that, don’t disrupt people 's life, if they don’t want to participate, don’t force them. Ghonim also goes on by stating their demand, “Placing a two limit on the presidency. Absolute power corrupt...It is our right to choose our president” (Ghonim 344). They want to place a limit on the presidency since when the president stays in office for a long time, the president gets corrupted and unwilling to give up his or her position in government as head of state. When government official stays in office they tend to think that they are better than everyone, and they’re scary to lose power. When they limit the president 's term, they are creating a better definition of freedom, as in creating a place where

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