Life Of Pi Rhetorical Analysis

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He loves life, he kills life; he prays to the gods for justice, he betrays them under his evil desire. In Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, the same things make us laugh, but also make us cry. It’s a dark page from the young man’s book of life and religion. Pi, the main character of this book, believes in three different religions, although they give him hope and energy, it brings the conflict for him because he has to kill and that’s against the faith after the trip; also, Pi’s actions may destroy and ultimately betray his faith and all three religions that he believes in. Religion plays an important part in Pi’s whole life, it gives pi hope and energy. At the very beginning, Pi believes in three religions which are Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.…show more content…
At the end of the whole book, Mr. Chiba and Mr. Okamoto take a long interview with Pi after his survives from the Pacific Ocean. At the first time, Pi still explains the story by using animals of tiger, zebra and hyena… but Mr. Chiba and Mr. Okamoto don’t believe with him. Finally, the article presents the situation by “‘give me a minute, please.’ ‘Of course, I think we finally getting somewhere. Let’s hope he speaks some sense.’ [long silence]” (Martel 399). It’s easy to notice that Pi is hesitating, he is afraid to tell the truth. All his saying to Mr. Chiba and Mr. Okamoto before is about the animal, the imaginary version of the truth. Pi clearly knows, if he tells the truth, the two guys in front of him, the father waiting in the church, the pandit, the imam will be disappointed about Pi’s killing, anger and fear. Seriously, he will be banned in all three religions and Pi betrays them and he will never be the follower of any of them. Pi used to be a good prayer, he was kind to people, he loved animals and all living things. But know, he destroys his faith, destroy his hard works before the trip on his religion dream, ultimately betrays the goals of himself and his family, betrays all the person who trusted him. Therefore, although Pi is alive now, but there is just an empty body lying on the bed and nothing left inside except tears on his

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