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In the movie, Life of Pi, the main character Pi Patel makes convincing arguments for the existence of God through both natural religion and revealed religion. His argument is that God exists because that is the better story. The plot of the movie is Pi telling an author his life story, including his religious experiences before, and after the shipwreck. In this essay, I will argue that Pi makes a stronger argument for the existence of God through natural religion. The movie begins with Pi describing how he was introduced to religion through Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Pi states “None of us know God unless he is introduced to us.” Pi says that throughout his life he came to know a few of the Hindu gods through stories about the world and through experiences. He says, “the Gods were my super heroes growing up.” This is an example of natural religion because the Gods never revealed themselves to Pi, he came to know them through his life experiences. The Hindu Gods use stories and myths to explain why the world is the way it is. Pi then goes on to talk about how he and his brother discover a Christian church one day, and his brother dares him to go drink the Holy Water. While in the church, Pi meets the priest and asks why God gave his only son for us, and if God is so perfect and we are not, why did he create us. The priest then teaches him about Christianity, and subsequently, Pi starts practicing this religion as well. Pi did not understand Christianity at first

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