Literary Analysis Essay On Martin Luther King

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Literary analysis essay Martin Luther King Jr. was the base of civil rights. Without him the civil rights movement might have never happened. He did not do it with violence but he did do it with peace. He inspired many other people to follow him and participate in peaceful protests. For example one the most well known protests was tons of people boycotting buses. To persuade people to join the civil rights movement he used his speech skills, which was one of his best qualities. One of the most popular speeches was by him. Martin Luther King Jr. had one goal and that was to give everyone equal rights and he didn’t care what the consequences were and he knew that he was in danger every time he spoke but, he kept going. Martin Luther King Jr. …show more content…

He used this literary element to give people a reference to what happened in the past. He sometimes even used it to refer to the bible. Martin Luther King Jr. used many different allusions in his speech. One of the biggest ones is not in his speech but in his placement of where he did his speech. He did this right in front of Abraham Lincoln’s statue in Washington. He also referred to him in his speech. He said, “Five score years ago.” In Lincoln’s gettysburg address he also used the term score years ago. He did this to say that he is continuing with civil rights right where Lincoln left off. Another allusion that he used was one of the Declaration of Independence. In this allusion he said, “ We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.” This one is another very powerful allusion because he is kind of saying that what the United States is doing is against the what our country was made for. His most powerful and meaningful allusions was the one where he referred back to the Constitution. He said, “ Would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” He said this because he knew that was being done to him and many other people in this country was against what the constitution had said. He was right what was happening to them was definitely against the law because of the police

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