Literary Analysis Essay On Night By Elie Wiesel

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Human beings sometimes need to depend on others or themselves to survive. Humans need protection from other people. People need food, shelter, and water. In Night, people need to depend on others for protection from other people. In Night people don’t have rights so they aren’t protected by anyone from anyone. In the book Night, inmates have to lie in other to others to benefit themselves, build alliances, and disregard other inmates in order to survive as a human. If prisoners don’t lie to others, they won’t get to survive. In Night a man tells Elie and his father “Not fifty. You’re forty. Do you hear? Eighteen and forty.” (Wiesel 30). In order to survive, Elie and his father had to lie. If they hadn’t lied, they would’ve been possibly gassed and thrown into the pit of fire. In another instance Elie asks a doctor “couldn’t you wait a few days, sir? I don’t feel well, I have a fever.” (Wiesel 52). Elie lied about being sick so the doctor wouldn’t take his gold crown. …show more content…

Some prisoners had to build alliances in order to survive emotionally or physically. Elie asked someone if he could stay with his dad, he said “please, sir, I’d like to be near my father.” (Wiesel 50). Elie was asking to be with his father because he wants to stay near his father and not be separated from him. Elie was able to also stay with his father for “a ration of bread” (Wiesel 108). Elie had to trade his ration of bread in order to sleep near his father. Elie depends on his father for emotional support, and if his father isn’t there with him, he will end up emotionally

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