Literary Analysis Essay On The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby Analytical Essay In “The Great Gatsby” F. Scott Fitzgerald describes the exuberant events that take place in a distinct time period. Fitzgerald explains the theme of lies and deceit through a chain of drama between seven main characters, Nick, Daisy, Tom, Gatsby, Jordan, Myrtle, and George, where the truth is put to the test. The motif of cheating within the book presents emotion from the characters that they have towards themselves and each other. To Begin, Gatsby wanted Daisy to leave Tom for him in order to complete what should have happened in the past. He influences her to lie and tell Tom that “she never loved him” and that “she only married you because I was poor and she was tired of waiting for me” (Fitzgerald 130). …show more content…

Although Daisy knows about Tom having an affair, it seems to affect her throughout the novel. Tom appears to be aggressive and abusive towards Myrtle when he hits her and breaks her nose when Myrtle hastily says “Daisy, Daisy, Daisy.” Although Tom may be cheating on his wife, he still shows sympathy towards her and that he still loves her. Finally, throughout the novel Tom seems to be all tied up with lies and cheating. After Myrtle was killed hit by a car, Tom tells George, eagerly looking for the car that killed Myrtle that “Gatsby’s got a yellow car” which happens to be the same car described in the incident that struck Myrtle. Tom’s actions were deceit because little does he know that Daisy was the one driving the car recklessly at the time. Tom’s false information leads to Gatsby being shot and killed by George, and George taking his own life moments after. In conclusion, the characters behavior throughout the novel shows that actions speak louder than words. The theme lies and deceit developed throughout the story shows how easily it could be to be betrayed by someone well trusted. Fitzgerald uses the motif of cheating as a way to show that everyone may not seem who they really are in this dramatic

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