Ernest Hemingway Hills Like White Elephants Summary

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“Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway. The American and Jig wait on the afternoon train to Madrid, Spain. Due to a pregnancy that took them by surprise the two are at a difficult time in their relationship. It is clear that regardless of whether Jig surrenders to the American 's requests, their relationship is bound to be a disappointment and fail in the end. This is made clear using imagery in the title, setting and discussion between the two characters.
Using the term "White elephant" in the title of the story is what first grabs your attention to some kind of issue the two will be having. The saying "white elephant" refers to “a possession unwanted by the owner but difficult to dispose of", that being a baby between Jig and the American. Thinking about their relationship, there is additionally a connection to be made that they once had an easy and outgoing relationship but is presently going to be a very costly one to keep if they so choose so.
The couple is in between two different train lines, one line conveying to prepare from Barcelona to Madrid and the other racing to some mysterious area. This is an essential refinement since Madrid is where they would end …show more content…

She will get on the train and prepare for Madrid for an activity she doesn 't needier want, trusting that her activities will spare a relationship that she knows is bound to end once the trek to Madrid arrives at its darkest conclusion. I trust the "Hills Like White Elephants" speak to the desolateness of the female body and soul after an abortion has taken place, and the lavish fields on the opposite side speaks to life and it 's conceivable outcomes. Perhaps that is the thing that the cloud implies. With the desolate side, you know precisely what you 're getting. With the lavish living side there is vulnerability and puzzle of the obscure there that alarms the man and

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