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In the book Little Women, there are a group of sisters with very different personalities. Although, they all share in common the wanting of more finer things, while still learning how to appreciate what they already have. One day, Meg gets invited to a party where the people are rich and are able to purchase new gowns and accessories. Knowing she only has one gown and doesn’t have much, compared to the other guests at the party, she starts feeling upset. Meg gets even more upset at the party when people start staring at her for what she is wearing compared to the girl next to her. First, when Meg arrives at the party, she notices that she doesn’t look as nice as the other guests because of what she is wearing and looks like. It is obvious to the other guests that Meg comes from a poor family. Meg overhears a conversation between two ladies, saying Meg’s mother is going to make one of her daughters marry Laurie for his money. Meg gets angry at this because she knows it isn’t true and Laurie is only a family friend. Mrs. March rather have her daughters marry a poor man and be loved and cared for than marry a rich man and be disrespected and hurt. …show more content…

This is when the other girls at the party are suddenly interested in her. They ask Meg what she is going to wear next and Meg tells them that she is going to wear the same dress. Meg also tells them that she doesn’t have any other dresses, which is why she is going to wear the same dress again. The girls feel bad for her and one of them offers her a new dress to wear and give her a makeover. Meg gives in to the offer and when she arrives again with the makeover and a new dress, the guys are giving her attention and the girls think she looks a lot

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