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In any relationship, one changes, whether it is with a family member or a more romantic relationship. Interaction with others affects how one sees themselves and how one will change through the course of the interaction. Janie Crawford, in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God, experiences three different romantic relationships -- each different in its own right. Janie learns a great deal from each relationship. Each marriage provides Janie with different life experiences, and new ideas to consider in her life. Her independence and evolution truly comes from the uniqueness in each of her relationships. In Janie’s relationship with her first husband Logan Killicks, she learns about the concept of marriage and the different …show more content…

His name, Vergible Woods or Tea Cake, and he will show Janie a whole new world. From Janie’s new relationship with Tea Cake she learns about true happiness. Tea Cake is the first to truly make her laugh and smile. Tea Cake is the picture of a true gentleman. He introduces Janie to many new things such as fishing. Janie is quick to fall in love with it: “It was so crazy digging worms by lamp light and setting out for Lake Sabelia after midnight that she felt like a child breaking rules. That 's what made Janie like it" (102). Finally Janie is happy and she feels free for the first time in her married life. Because of this joy stemming from him, Janie loves to be around Tea Cake and spending time with him. They do absolutely everything together. They soon decide on marriage, and Janie gets a new, blue satin dress, earrings, high heels, and a necklace that Tea Cake has picked out for her. Unlike her previous husbands, she wants to make Tea Cake proud of her and proud to be married to her. When they leave to work on the muck, Tea Cake introduces another idea that is exciting for Janie as it is the start of something new “Folks don’t do nothin’ down dere but make money and fun and foolishness” (128). Life on the muck is consistently exciting. In comparison to her last few marriages, she has had a much better life with Tea Cake. Everyone on the muck is happy and laughing and Janie finally feels at home, not only on the muck but also in her

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