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The case of the Borden’s is a spider web of mystery. There’s so many different possible things that could have happened. From the documentary titles, and even a few movies it’s easy to see that most lean towards the assumption Lizzie Borden is guilty, but I hope to change that today. Yes she has done some suspicious things after the event that has her up on the podium as an axe murderer, but would a woman of her stature be able to swing an axe at such a close range? And with such force? Lizzie Borden is innocent.

To begin with, throughout the testimonies almost every single one that was near Lizzie after the incident. Even though differently worded stated that there was no blood spotted on her at all they even added onto that claiming her …show more content…

She was asked: “Did any of the members of your family have waterproofs?” She answered back: “Yes…” And went on to describe her mother’s waterproof she was then she was questioned about her sister having one at which she replied yes, and told them where Lizzie usually kept it. (Pg.8 Emma B.) But here's the downside to that wouldn’t there be blood everywhere due to the run off if Lizzie wore it? Instead of the blood being around the body’s it would most likely trail from the stairs where Mrs. Borden was killed and then the route to where Mr. Borden was. Then again Lizzie’s hair would be splattered with blood, and blood stains, and is very difficult to get rid of if there was no blood spotted on her at all. Then she couldn’t have possibly done this, yet many still think she could have cleaned up. She had a very limited amount of time to get cleaned up if she really did this. Plus back in those days it took awhile to straighten up unlike now a days where you can slip on a shirt, pants, socks and shoes, and call it a …show more content…

This also supports two more claims, one being medical evidence that Mrs. Borden was struck from behind by a tall man. (Pg. 1 “The Trial of Lizzie Borden: The Account”) And second evidence of a motive to kill Mr. Borden but not Mrs. Borden. In Lizzie’s Inquest she explains a man who one day arrived at the house to speak with Mr. Borden about a piece of property the man was offering to purchase a shop of some sort, and Mr. Borden had told the man he didn’t want his business in that shop. According to Lizzie after a little while their voices started to raise maybe in anger or maybe over a civil argument it wasn’t mentioned. Eventually the man was ordered to leave and the man did as he was told to. (Pg. 1 Lizzie’s

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