Logos And Ethos In 2023 State Of The City Address

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In his recent State of the City Address on March 28th, Mayor Andre Dickens gave an impressive speech to the people of Atlanta. He used logos, ethos, and pathos to present his vision for a better Atlanta. Mayor Dickens appealed to the audience's sense of logic and reason, established his credibility as a leader committed to serving the people of Atlanta, and appealed to their emotions. He hoped to persuade the audience to join him in creating a brighter future for the city. Mayor Dickens used specific examples, statistics, personal anecdotes, and passionate language to present a compelling argument that resonated with the audience and inspired them to take action. In this essay, we will analyze how Mayor Andre Dickens employed logos, ethos, …show more content…

He uses vivid imagery, personal anecdotes, and passionate language to connect with the audience on an emotional level and create a sense of urgency around his vision for the future of Atlanta. By appealing to the audience's emotions, he seeks to inspire them to join him in creating a better future for the city. He mentions a story about a young man and his life being a water boy. He describes Addison Roberts to be “living with his aunt, and to help make ends meet he was selling water on Ivan Allen Boulevard to passing drivers. He got injured a couple of times and had some run-ins with the police. But when I look at kids like Addison, I don’t see water boys. I see entrepreneurs who don’t have the right opportunities. So we partnered with a group called Helping Empower Youth to go and help these young people out.” Mayor Dickens turns Addison's story from one of struggle to one of entrepreneurship, saying that Addison is one of 25 young people who were able to move off of Ivan Allen Boulevard and is now a junior at Hank Aaron New Beginning Academy, on track to graduate. The story of Addison is an emotional appeal, making the audience feel empathy for him and for other young people who may be struggling, and it serves to illustrate the importance of investing in youth programs and services that open doors and eliminate barriers. The call to action that follows, asking the audience to hire interns, be mentors, and donate to support organizations that serve youth, is also an emotional appeal, urging the audience to show up for young people and invest in their

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