Logos, Ethos And Logos In Shirley Chisholm's Speech

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In 1972, Shirley Chisholm stood before thousands of people and presented her presidential bid declaration speech. Chisholm uses all three of Aristotle’s persuasive appeals. Throughout Chisholm’s speech, she used logos, pathos and ethos. Logos is the appeal to logic in which reasoning and facts comes into play. Then pathos is the appeal to emotions in which she uses words to pull and the heart strings of her audience. Finally, she uses ethos, which is the appeal to credibility. She used logos, pathos and ethos in hope of persuading her audience to vote for her as the next president. Firstly, Chisholm use logos to add logic and reasoning to her speech. An example of logos that she said was, “I do not intend to offer to you the tired and glib

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