Loneliness In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Have you ever felt lonely at any point in your life? Loneliness can have a negative outcome. Feeling lonely is an emotion that can build up inside you for a long time,and can become much worse. Being lonely can make you lose good opportunities that could make your future better. Not all people who are lonely end up like this but most people start to give up on themselves. In John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, loneliness can make people go crazy and give up on their dreams.
Candy’s character delivers a sense of loneliness to the reader from the loss of his very old dog. Carlson, one of the guys on the ranch enters Candy’s bunk on page 44 saying , “God almighty, that dog stinks.” Carlson notices that the dog is very old and is no good to himself staying alive. Carlson insists on shooting the dog, but Candy claims that he’s had the dog since he was a puppy and he is his best friend. His dog is the only thing that gave him company and made him feel happy. Hesitantly, Candy gave Carlson the ok …show more content…

He spends most of his time working alone or reading to himself. His house is a small shed in the harness room that leans off the side of the barn. He also doesn’t get any respect because he’s black. He’s not allowed to play cards or horseshoe with the guys because of his skin color. Some of that changed when Lennie went into Crooks’ shed and told him about the dream farm that he and George were going to live on. After talking about Crooks joining them to live on their dream farm on page 66 Crooks hears, “ Crooks, he’s just a Negro stable buck.” Then realizes that living on their dream farm, he wouldn’t be treated any different than he’s being treated on the ranch because of the color of his skin. Crooks decides to tell Lennie that he isn’t going with them to their dream farm because he knows that he would get treated the same way because he’s

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