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Lord of the Flies Overview Lord of the Flies is a allegorical novel, meaning metaphoric, about an unknown amount of boys and their struggles to build a community to stay alive, or try dying. If this doesnt make alot of sense let me explain. The book opens with 2 young boys whos plane had just crashed on an unknown island. The two boys then find a shell that they use to call all the other boys who were stranded on the island. The boys then elect a leader, named Ralph, whos first ‘decree’ is for the boys to light a fire on the top of a mountain and keep it burning incase any boats or planes come looking for them. His second order is to put together a team of hunters whose job is to kill a pig for the boys. The hunters for the longest time, were …show more content…

He asks them how many boys were on the island, only for ralph to say he has no idea, and break down into tears. Review After many months of my mom and friends recommending this book I finally decided to read it, and was surprised as to how good it was. I really liked the way the author, William Golding, linked the events in this story so that it was not a jumble of events. I also found it interesting how much detail the author was able to put into the book using only a few well placed words. One of the part of the book that I didn't enjoy was the big jump in time between when they land on the island to where they catch their first pig, it just seems like such a large space of time in which we don't know what is happening. Another thing that I don't like is how this book never states a time period that this book was set in, nor how many children there are that are stranded. All that we know is that this happened during an ‘great war’ whether it be a past one or a future one. Recommendation I would recommend Lord of the Flies to people who like to imagine how our society could be different. I would also recommend this book to people who like survival

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