Lord Of The Flies Leadership Essay

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Lord of the Flies is an extremely popular book about a group of kids stranded on an island. With no adult leaders, they descend into savagery. There are two characters, one being Ralph who tries to maintain order, while Jack advocates savagery. Jack and Ralph are similar since they both are leaders. They are different in their beliefs on how to lead, and Jack has a deep hatred for Ralph, meanwhile Ralph doesn’t hate Jack. In Lord of the Flies, Ralph and Jack are both leaders, but only one of them can be the leader. When the group kids decide on Ralph, Jack seems okay with it. This is until Jack demands a revote, with Ralph winning again. After this, Jack gets mad and decides to leave Ralph’s tribe and start his own: “I’m [Jack] going off by myself. He can catch his own pigs. Anyone who wants to hunt when I do can come too” (L.F 127). This shows how Jack and Ralph are both leaders, and they both want to be leaders, which leads to two different tribes. With these two different tribes, two entirely different beliefs started between camps. …show more content…

He focuses on hunting and killing only. For example, when he encountered Ralph making a fire, he didn’t focus on Ralphs reason to start a fire to alarm passing ships. Instead, he wanted to use the fire to cook and hunt: "'Look at that! Call that a signal fire? That's a cooking fire. Now [the tribe] will eat and there'll be no smoke. Don't you understand? There may be a ship out there-" (Golding 178). Ralph is being sensible and civilized, prioritizing getting rescued over hunting, while Jack wanted to use it to hunt and kill. They both have different beliefs, with Jack believing savagery is right, and Ralph wanting a more civilized

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