Lord Of The Flies Savagery Quotes

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Human nature is showing off savagery in the book The Lord of the Flies . In Lord of the Flies Golding shows that human nature is essentially bad through the characterization of Jack , Sam and Eric , and Roger. These characters symbolize a savagery nature that can be brought out by people due to anger, hate, or any other factors that can anger anyone else. The character Jack, is a good example of human savagery because in the story when they start killing animals it gives him the drive for blood and power. Which shows in the book, also how evil he turns out to be later on, killing his friends and commanding his tribe to attack and kill. In the book Jack says “I thought I might kill.”(Golding 3) This is talking about the time Jack went off and tried to kill a pig for meat and disobeyed the rules set up by Ralph which then Jack's motivation switched on the island. Also another example from the book quotes “Bollocks to the rules! We’re strong – we hunt! If there’s a beast, we’ll hunt it down! We’ll close in and beat and beat and beat - !” (Golding 5) Jack feels that going out hunting is more important than following Ralph’s rules which is a growing desire for power over the others, and focused on hunting and barbarity. All in all Jack shows off the human evil nature in the book with the action he has done. …show more content…

Roger is another example of humans being savage in the story. Roger eventually becomes sadistic and brutal. He joins Jack's side and gets the want for power and blood. Also he is the one to drop a boulder on piggy and kill him. But first when he turns this way it states “You don't half look like a mess.” (Golding 4) This shows that Roger demonstrates his desire to abandon civility for savagery. Later on in the book he turns more into an inhuman person because he ends up dropping a big rock and piggy and kills him. It states that “Roger, with a sense of

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