Fear In Lord Of The Flies

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By using the concept of fear in his novel, Golding conveys how overwhelming terror, coming from the beast, darkness, and each other can result in destructive choices and unhealthy control over others. The disastrous effects of fear on the boys is evident in the decisions they make. One of the main contributors of terror comes from the beast, who begins as an imaginary being created to explain their uneasy feelings. However, once they lay eyes on the paratrooper from the war, the beast changes from imaginary into something tangible. Jack, thoroughly shaken from seeing the beast, realizes he is in no shape to defeat it. Acting on his fright-filled thoughts, he turns the others away from Ralph by belittling him and saying, “‘[He thinks] my hunters …show more content…

Roger, though a minor character in the novel, plays a leading role in the evil doings on the island. Demonstrating his twisted mind in little ways by smashing sandcastles and throwing rocks at the other boys, he gains a special authority, one brimmed of threats and fear. He is eventually the one to murder Piggy, rolling a boulder onto his head, though he shows no compassion after this dead. The witnesses of Piggy’s death go into an uproar, however, and when “ yelling ceased, Samneric lay looking up in quiet terror. Roger advanced upon them as one wielding a nameless authority” (182). The other boys allow Roger power, as they are afraid of what might happen otherwise. He scares the boys into believing him the qualified ruler and, as a result, becomes a source of evil and fright. As the boys continue to express their fear of the beast, different solutions arise to end the horror. Yet unlike the others who give comfort to the littluns, Jack uses the boy's fear to his advantage. In hope of increasing his authority, Jack comments that “There isn’t a snake-thing. But if there was a snake we’d hunt it and kill it. We’re going to hunt pigs to get meat for everybody. And we’ll look for the snake too” (36). Jack recognizes the fear and using his persuasive nature, places himself as the redemption. Because a sense of security is appealing, especially for the little ones, Jack rises in power as he is the supposed source of safety on the island. Similar actions happen today with world leaders and government. Just as Jack had done, modern “dictators are able to spread fear among their people and place themselves as their only salvation.” Though it may bring power to rulers, it is unnatural and dishonorable to gain power through coercion. As seen in the novel, the unnatural yearn for power fills the boys’ minds while in frightening

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