Los Angeles County Museum Of Art Analysis

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The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is located in Los Angeles and is owned by the city of Los Angeles. It was built in 1910 near the University of Southern California. Howard F. Ahmanson but only established as a Los Angeles County Museum In 1961. LACMA is the largest art museum in the western United States.
It has 1 millions visitors every year. It holds more than 120,000 works spanning the history of art from ancient times to the present. I choose the Magdalena with the smoking flame is art piece. Mary Magdalene is the name the western world use in the media. Weather she is a prostitute or a Jesus secret lover. She is a big part of the biblical history. She was a direct follower of Christ and witness. The controversy of Mary is that she was married to Jesus Christ and was married to him and had kids with him. The Church has depicted Mary Magdalene as a prostitute; According to the bible Mary Magdalene was a sinner even though people believe and interpretations says not

My first time hearing about Mary Magdalene was when I watched the movie the Da Vinci Code. Her story really took my interest. So when I was in LA County Museum of Art, Immediately took my attention. My first reaction was wow, what a beautiful …show more content…

He is famous for his religious paintings. His style of painting is illustrious to this day. His work has been shown in royal collections of Europe. Because of his wealthy clients he was given the name the painter of the king. His way of painting are studied for hundred of years. His technics are unsurpassable the light illuminates Mary in her contemplation is stunning. His paintings were so famous and wanted pushed French government to prohibiting his paintings to leave the country. The Magdalena with the smoking flame is art piece was the only art piece of Georges de La Tour work to leave France thanks to Simone Lahaye, a resistance fighter during World War

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