Jean Baptiste Bingham Research Paper

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Jean baptiste Bingham painter was born September, 5 1638, in France. So many People from France know Bingham painter by his amazing good art. Jean baptiste Bingham, painter spoke many languages such as French, a little Indian and other types of languages. Jean baptiste was one of the 3rd men 's in France that was well known. He was also a really famous men. Jean baptiste bingham painter was really poor men he had no money no nothing .His mom and dad had passed away. Jean baptiste bingham painter had a son he named him Louis xiv the 3rd. Jean baptiste bingham become well known and really rich by his art. Jean baptiste Bingham painter drew so many thing such as humans,animals,and places his art was one of the best in history. Jean baptiste Bingham painter son son grew up and joined an army. Jean baptiste Bingham painter was a man that kept going with his great job hand his karier of becoming well known in art history. Bingham was a young men in history that didn 't get much education because his family didn 't…show more content…
Jean Bingham had many people going against him on wanting to control and rule many humans and lands churches schools and so many other places. Jean Bingham wanted to to establish everything so people can get a better life and help many kid get educations and also help others who didn 't have food or homes. Jean Bingham wanted everyone and every single person in France to become a well good known person. Jean Bingham painter also had a type of sickness that almost could of had killed him but he was lucky enough to live and have a good healthy life. Jean Bingham painter had his 77th birthday the same day he had his birthday he had passed away because he had a really bad sickness. When he has passed away he was known as the 3rd France man in art history. Jean baptiste couldn 't established or control any more because the kingdoms of Jean baptiste were getting controlled by other people. That was the life of Jean baptiste Bingham
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