How Did Napoleon Spread Enlightenment

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Napoleon spread enlightenment ideas that benefited the people in France. He created the Napoleonic code, which was basically the first written document of laws. That meant that the judge could not change anything, but the laws applied to all citizens equally and protected their rights. He gave people religious tolerance, which means people had religious freedom. He also created a system of meritocracy, giving positions based on people's talents and not to the ones that are higher classes. People that were more poor, got a chance to earn more money. Another enlightenment idea that he supported was education and art, and he built free public schools so all children were able to get educated. Some might argue that he crowned himself king and his brother King of Spain, which means that he did not get rid of the monarchy even though that was one of the main ideas during Enlightenment. But Napoleon had plebiscites, people that were allowed to vote, and …show more content…

He was a very strong military general, and he extended France power with his “Great Army”. He had brilliant strategies, which helped him win many of his battles such as in Austerlitz and Ulm. He tried to unite Europe, under one French Empire. Napoleon built bridges and canals, that made it easier for people to trade. Some might think that Napoleon took it way too far by attacking Russia which caused him losing a huge amount of his army. He came to Russia with 600,000 soldiers and left with 100,000 soldiers. The reason he lost this battle and other battles for example like the battle of Waterloo, was because he was way overconfident. All Wellington had to do is use the same strategy as Napoleon would use and that is how he beat Napoleon in the battle of Waterloo. But at the same time, he used his victories to hide his losses, which increased his popularity even more. By conquering more land he expanded France’s resources and

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