Napoleon Bonaparte Dbq Essay

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France was very different before Napoleon came along. Before Napoleon France was controlled by an absolute monarchy. France was also under the old regime which was a system that existed in most of Europe at that time. Also all laws were created by the Legislative assembly. Based upon historical documents and his own words Napoleon Bonaparte had a negative impact on France. Napoleon loved power too much and didn’t care about people. He also only thought of women as a man's way to have babies. Napoleon was also known for making quick and rational decisions that might have not been the best.
Napoleon thought of people as actions and not as humans. He often even left the military if many men were dying because he doesn't care about their lives. According to document one Napoleon says “I can no longer obey. I have tasted command. I have tasted and I cannot give it up. I love power.” In this document he is saying that now that he has had some power he doesn't want to give it up and wants more. Document thirteen states that “You swore to establish a government, not depending upon the life of one individual...obtain by gratitude from foreign nations…” In this document he is saying that he cares more about what the …show more content…

He thought of women as less than the man and once called women machines for producing children. Napoleon thought very low of women and thought that education didn’t suit them. He also thought that the man should have more power than the women. According to document six “...The Napoleonic Code reflected the ancient Roman law and made the man head of the household with control over all family property.” This means that women had to obey their husbands and only he could make decisions regarding their house and land. “...he thought of nothing but his own gratification…” Napoleon didn’t care about women all he cared about was himself. Napoleon cared only about him and not

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