Napoleon Bonaparte: One Of The Greatest Leaders In History

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Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769 on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. He attended school in France, where he learned French and graduated from a French military academy in 1785, where he became a lieutenant of the French Army. He became the husband of Josephine de Beauharnais in 1796, but got divorced since they did not have any heirs yet, he married Marie Louise in 1810 and had a son named Napoleon Francois Joseph Charles Bonaparte a year later. Since Napoleon had conquered the city of Rome, he gave his son the title of King of Rome. There are many facts that explain why Napoleon was considered one of the greatest leaders in history, but the main reasons why he is regarded as such is because he was helpful, charismatic, brave and brilliant. Napoleon was very charismatic, he was able to charm people and convince them with just a few words. An acceptable example would be in 1815, when he landed in France, a group of soldiers was sent to capture him, but rather than fighting them, he simply unmounted his horse, walked towards the soldiers and said, “If any of you wish to kill your emperor, then here I am”. The soldiers were so beguiled by his statement; they dropped their weapons and began cheering, “Long live the emperor”. This is how he managed to have such a large army at the time, he was able to convince approximately 2.5 million people to join him. Whenever he was defeated, he would always say “after making a mistake, the man of genius always gets
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