What Are Napoleon Bonaparte's Accomplishments

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Before Napoleon became emperor, France was in a post-revolutionary state after a series of civil wars. Napoleon Bonaparte’s accomplishments were achieved inside and outside of France. Napoleon’s political feats were achieved by having superior military leadership. Napoleons leadership of France ended up turning tables in many different areas from gaining economic stability to establishing an agreement with Pope Pius VII of the Roman Catholic Church. The greatest achievements that made the years 1801-1805 the height of Napoleons political career were the Concordat, the Napoleonic Code, and the reformation of French economy. One of Napoleon Bonaparte’s greatest achievements that made 1801-1805 the height of Napoleons political career was when he signed the Concordat on July 15th, 1801. The Concordat was an …show more content…

The Concordat attempted to resolve the religious violence that broke out in France after the French civil war, but the Concordat was not finalised until 1815. The Concordat acknowledged Roman Catholicism’s status as the official religion of France that resulted in bishops and priests becoming employed by the French government. The Concordat eliminated the influence of the Constitutional church, which deprived the Roman Catholic Church of the domination of religion and provided more legal rights to Calvinists and Lutherans by fully integrating religious tolerance inside of France (Hosack, 2010). The armies of rebels continued to travel the backwoods until the execution of Georges Cadoudal, who was executed for making an attempt to kidnap and assassinate Napoleon with use of bombs in 1800. One of Napoleons greatest achievement was the Concordat because it adopted religious tolerance within France, which spread throughout Europe. Another notable achievement of Napoleon

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