How Did Napoleon Bonaparte Impact Society

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Napoleon Bonaparte, our emperor, has caused quite a stir in France today. His name occupies prime position in everyone’s conversations. In recent events taking place during his reign, different opinions have arisen about his system of governing. On one hand, some people believe that France blossomed under his rule; on the other hand, others strongly feel that he did not impact the country in a positive manner. I have found that Napoleon’s reforms were more beneficial for the average French citizen because they helped France flourish and recover from the after-effects of the French Revolution. There are many others who share my opinion; according to Ben Weider, an expert in history, Bonaparte ensured a fair taxation policy, thus causing the income of the peasants to rise. Previously, under the rule of King Louis XVI and his predecessors, the …show more content…

While I was given the opportunity to get educated because of my family’s high status in society, it pained me to see that the vast majority, which largely comprised of the third estate, was not given the same chance. Our ruler also felt the same way about this unequal distribution of knowledge, and the system of education in France was henceforth restructured. Now, I hear the sounds of children, from all corners of my country, bidding farewell to their parents and entering a whole new world of Rousseau, Voltaire, and Socrates. My heart fills with joy when I see the new generation of Frenchmen taking an active interest in the lives of their fellow countrymen and their nation. Finally, Napoleon and his government proved that they were secular and independent of the Church, and therefore would not make the same errors committed by previous monarchs. However, he allowed Christians to practice their religion if they wanted to do so, thus proving that he was not only a sensible ruler but also a benevolent

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