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In the 1700 and 1800s one great ruler arose from France. His name was Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was one of the greatest rulers in the world. His legacy all started when he won the battle at the French port of Toulon. After this, he continued to win battles and he gained more power. Although Napoleon was considered of as a bad ruler for losing some battles along the way, he proves to be a good ruler because he created an army that won many battles, he had very good military tactics, and he uses the idea of democratic despotism to help compromise with the people about their power. First, Napoleon won many battles along the way while using his great military tactics. His first battle that he won was in the French port of Toulon. Then he won some battles against the Austrians which gave him most of northern Italy. This forced the Hapsburg emperor to make peace. This is just the beginning of the battles that he has won for his country. Over time, he started to gain more power over the people. Then he felt that he had so much power as to crown himself as emperor of France. A quote that supports this idea is when, “Napoleon took the …show more content…

For example, when he faced off against the quadruple alliance, he lost and then was exiled to Elba. This defeat was inevitable because he was going against four countries at once. Another example of when Napoleon lost is when the allied forces, “...crushed the French in an agonizing day-long battle” (Prentice Hall World History Modern Era Book 236). This battle is known as the Battle of Waterloo. This was Napoleon’s last battle. He was then exiled to St. Helena. Although it is true that Napoleon lost some battles, the idea that Napoleon is a great ruler still seems to prevail over this idea. He won more battles than he lost and brought the country of France into a state of success. He even gave them a better system of laws and he gave the citizens more

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