How Did Napoleon Bonaparte Impact Society

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Napoleon Bonaparte has always been seen as a tyrant, but he has made many positive impacts on the world. Napoleon rose to power after the French Revolution. There, Napoleon would become a genius general and later he would appoint himself Emperor of France. Napoleon Bonaparte used his power to impact the modern world through the Napoleonic Wars, the sale of Louisiana Purchase to the United States of America, and the Napoleonic Code.
Napoleon Bonaparte emerged from the chaos that divided France and threw much of Europe into turmoil. This man would lead the nation as an emperor. He brought peace to France, but his desire to conquer new lands and his military genius entangled Europe in a long, bloody war that would be called the Napoleonic Wars. As the …show more content…

In 1809 Congress reopened trade with foreign nations, except for France and Britain, in the Non-Intercourse Act. Eventually, US opened trade with both countries despite continuing attacks. A law was passed with the condition that trade with either European country would be cut off if the other ceased attacks on American shipping. Napoleon took advantage of the opportunity to hurt the British by dropping its restrictions on US trade, and in 1811 President James Madison cut off trade with Britain. Britain repealed the orders in Council in June of 1812, but by that time Madison already asked Congress for a declaration of war. The Napoleonic Wars, which was led by Napoleon Bonaparte, had a huge effect on the world as it effected US economic position, and led to the Louisiana Purchase and wars. The Louisiana Purchase was the United States’ fifteen million dollar acquisition of 828,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi River from France. The Louisiana Territory represented a major westward expansion of the United States. It not only

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