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The war of 1812 was between the two countries United States a developing country and Great Britain a country that has been thriving for about 300 years. The United States was just now coming out of the Revolutionary War which was about 30 years. The United States won the revolutionary war, but the U.S. had not reached economic independence. The French were ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte which he controlled most of Europe. Napoleon’s plan was to take over all of Europe and then to come to the United States and take control of the U.S.’s land. Britain was not in control of France, so in a result both of these countries went to war with each other. The United States was not favoring either country so the United States was trading with each country, …show more content…

on 6/18/1812 because the U.S. was tired of what the British were doing with their navy and all the threats they were giving the U.S. Britain did not know why the U.S. declared war because the British had stopped impressing United States citizens. The reason the British were confused about the United States declaring war was because the British had sent a message over to the U.S., but since there were no telephones in 1812 the United States didn’t get the message in time and then they declared war because of this major inconvenience. There were to major battle locations one was on the Canada and United States border and the other location was on the eastern coast of the United States in the Atlantic Ocean. General William Hull invaded Canada had met with initial success as he crossed into Canada and he and his troops had threatened Britain's position. Since Britain had control of Lake Erie they kept threatening to cut General Hulls supply lines and they could isolate his forces. So he had surrendered in Detroit and which he and his troops left the whole entire area because Britain was in major control. Later on Britain had burned down most of washington D.C.. Britain had burned down the white house and some other government …show more content…

The treaty of ghent ended the 32 month war between the United States and Great Britain. This news took about two weeks to reach the United States because of how countries overseas communicated with each other. After the treaty of ghent was signed the British tried to take control of New Orleans, but Andrew Jackson and his men were ready for Britain and beat their forces on January 8th

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